This Modern Love - Proposing with Bensimon Diamonds

The first to offer an online diamond service in Australia, Ron Bensimon from Bensimon diamonds has always been one with an attraction to the unorthodox. With diamonds being so synonymous with marriage and love, naturally Bensimon Diamonds have foundations in marriage proposals and engagements.

With a penchant for seeing past the conventional, Ron Bensimon developed a concept that solves the commonplace catch of men choosing their own ring for their bride-to-be; whilst the diamond always impresses, the ring itself sometimes is perceived as imperfect. Ron himself agrees that “no man should be trusted to pick the ring” as this is a borderline impossible task to get as right as the lady herself would.

The “Give A Diamond” concept seeks to get each step of the process completely right so that everyone’s happy. The idea is that the man will work with Ron Bensimon and Bensimon Diamonds to select a diamond from Bensimon’s massive global range, one that his bride-to-be will love but also one that will fit inside their budget. Ron Bensimon helps men get it right so that they can then design the ring together to create a ring that both consider to be perfect.

The diamond itself still delivers that electric factor when proposing, and wanting to include the spouse in the design process is seen as thoughtful and respectful. It’s no wonder Bensimon Diamonds have been helping out some of the stars of Australia including Whitney Port and Nicole Trunfio.

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Ron Bensimon